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The Ukrainians were told how to change the tariffs from 1 March

Украинцам рассказали, как изменятся тарифы с 1 мартаSince March 1, electricity rates will rise again.

We decided to calculate how much it will cost at the new prices tea, wash clothes, watch TV, or cooled from the air conditioner.

Recall that in 2015 the government has decided to increase tariffs on electricity in five stages. Four raises have already passed, and next week should be the fifth. Two years ago the government said that it will be the market price for electricity. But now some officials say it would raise electricity prices by 40%. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

But let’s deal with what awaits us in the spring. As before, the electricity will be sold to the public at multiple rates. For electricity up to 100 kilowatt-hours per month will have to pay 90 cents per kilowatt-hour, and now we are paying 71,4 penny. When using from 100 to 600 kilowatt-hours the rate will increase from 1 hryvnia 29 kopecks to 1 hryvnia 68 cents per kilowatt-hour. For a volume in excess of 600 kilowatt hours per month also have to pay 1 UAH 68 cents instead of 1 hryvnia 63.8 penny.

The vast majority of urban residents consumed significantly more preferential 100 kW/h of electricity. Therefore, for calculation we will take rate, which will amount to UAH 1.68. per kW/h.

If you examine all the household appliances, the most “voracious” will be electric, kettle, electric heater, boiler, washing machine, iron, air conditioning and a vacuum cleaner. All of these devices consume a lot of electricity, but work is not the whole day. Therefore, the power consumption will depend on how often you cook, wash, clean or wash.

This winter we, probably, saved heating – the battery was barely warm, – complains the inhabitant of Kiev Andrey. – But I still have a corner apartment. Had to zataplivat an electric heater. The average consumption of electricity was 150 kW more than in other months. I think many people are waiting for spring, not to pay for heating and electricity.

Yes, the heater takes a lot of electricity, but we use them not so often one or two months of the year. However, as practice shows, the largest consumers of electricity in any house is the lighting and a fridge. Because the refrigerator is open in summer and winter 24 hours a day, and the light bulbs we use every day.

Украинцам рассказали, как изменятся тарифы с 1 марта


Cook the soup 5 hryvnia
Wash 2 hryvnia
Watch a movie for 70 cents
Vacuumed 50 cents
Boil kettle 25 cents


How much


If you have an electric stove, cooking big pots of soup on the biggest cooking zone (power 3 kW) takes about an hour. That is the first dish you’ll spend 3 x UAH 1.68. = 5,04 UAH. Therefore, if you cook soup once a week, then only on them you will spend about 20 UAH. per month.


For lovers several times a day to drink tea, consider the following calculation. To boil 1.5 liters of water, you’ll spend about 0.15 kW/h Kind of – about 25 cents. But if you boil it three times a day, you get about 0.45 KWh per day, or 13.5 kW/h of electricity per month. Do a simple calculation and get 75 cents a day, or 22.5 UAH. per month. Tea is more expensive borscht.

Washing machine

This weekend many of us wash and clean. The average wash cycle in a washing machine drains from 0.8 to 2 kW/h of electricity. It all depends on the temperature to which to heat the water. That is, one wash will cost from 1.35 to 3.36 UAH.

Vacuum cleaner

Modern household vacuum cleaners consume between 1.5 and 2 kWh of electricity. That is, if you have time to vacuum all your carpets and tracks in 20 minutes, then spend about 50 cents for one cleaning. If it will run half an hour, then the price will rise to 75-80 cents.

Air conditioning

Another big consumer of electricity is air conditioning. Modern models during operation consume from 0.5 to 0.8 kW/h of electricity. Even if you use it 3 hours a day, you’ll pay 2.5 to 4 UAH. a day. But if it will work 24 hours a day, then the cost will be from 20 to 32 UAH. a day.


In some families the TV is on for 12 hours a day. People did not switch off, thinking that the modern models are very economical. But even the most modern models consume from 150 to 200 W/h. it Turns out that for 12 hours he will spend about 2 kWh, or 3.36 UAH., and watch a two hour movie will cost about 70 cents.


Trying to save

To reduce the consumption of electricity, experts advise to replace all the lamps. The benefit has even led lamps in price almost equal to energy saving. Today, a typical incandescent lamp with 100 watts costs about 10 UAH. and its led equivalent to 10 watt, which produces the same amount of light – about 55 UAH. the difference – 45 UAH.

Even if not to take into account that these lamps are run several times longer than the normal math would be as follows: the average light in the apartment lit for about 3 hours a day and saves 90х3 = 0.27 kWh per day, or 8.1 kWh per month. At current rates of 13.6 UAH. per month for one light bulb. That is, it will pay for itself in little more than three months.

By the way, another easy way of saving – turning off all electrical appliances except the refrigerator, from outlet when not home. On average a home appliance in “standby” consumes from 2 to 5 watts of electricity. It would seem that a little bit. Now count how many you have connected to the network. TV, computer, microwave clock, stereo and other things that you are disconnected from the network. At home I counted ten of these devices which remain in the so-called sleep mode. If each of them consumes 3 watt, total power of about 30 watts. If we assume that, on average, 20 hours a day they are idle, we get about 0.6 kWh extra consumption per day, or 18 kWh per month. When the new rate is about 30 UAH. per month.

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