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The Ukrainians told him what the product price will rise by the end of the year

Украинцам рассказали, какой продукт подорожает к концу годаThe price of eggs before the end of the year will grow by 10-15%.

The price of chicken eggs in Ukraine by the end of 2017 could increase by 10-15% — to UAH 26 per dozen.

This opinion was expressed by a senior researcher of the Department of pricing and agricultural market of the National scientific center “Institute of agrarian economy” Svitlana Pashko, said the Institute.

Sharp jump of the prices for this type of product is because the cost of grain that is the staple of bird feeding depends on the dollar. In addition, the domestic egg producers primarily sell their products in foreign markets, where Ukrainian eggs are in high demand and only excess production sold on the domestic market, said the expert.

According to her, if the demand increases in the domestic and foreign markets, the price goes up. In addition, said Pashko, for the market of eggs is characteristic of relatively stable demand and seasonal fluctuations in production during the year that affect the price. The cheapest eggs come spring and summer, when the market eggs produced in farms of the population. Prices reach their highest peak during the autumn-winter period, when the reduced production in households and industrial poultry farms, realizing the products at inflated prices, to cover the losses of the previous months.

This year the lowest wholesale price for eggs was in July — 10, 35 UAH per dozen. In the following months it began to increase and amounted in August of 11.57 UAH per dozen, September — 15,04 UAH per dozen, and October 19, 73 UAH per dozen. That is, since July, the wholesale price for eggs increased by 90.6 percent, said the expert.

According to her, retail price for eggs of I category increased from 13.27 UAH per dozen in July, to 22.91 UAH per dozen in October (+ 72,6%). Retail price of eggs of the second category in October was 19,99 UAH per dozen against of 10.58 UAH per dozen, an increase of 88.9%.

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In terms of regions of Ukraine in the trade network and in local markets there is significant price fluctuation in chicken eggs. It indicates the low territorial mobility of eggs and differences in the income levels of the population by regions, concluded the Pasko.

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