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The Ukrainians said that their most annoying holiday abroad

Украинцы рассказали, что их больше всего раздражает в отдыхе за границейTop 6 problems.

Despite the fact that from 11 June 2017 the citizens of Ukraine can visit the EU without visas, many of the Ukrainians have found cause for complaint.

The claims relate to how Europe in particular and foreign travel in General. Top 6 things that annoy Ukrainians abroad most.

“Our town”

Ukrainians don’t really like meetings at resorts with compatriots and try to avoid them.

“I rest on them went. But in Turkish or Greek hotel the impression that I was from his native city and did not go anywhere!” – explain to the people of Ukraine.

According to the Manager of one of capital tourist agencies Olga, Khotinenko, please choose a hotel “so that there was our Russian” – not so rare. Explanation – about the same: “I want to break from citizens”.

But the Director of travel Agency “côte d’azur” Natalia kolomiychuk argues that such wishes rarely hears, and that is mainly from people who fly to medium-budget or a little below average.

The thing is, Natalya explains that in expensive hotels, people usually behave decently. And if the budget is too low, on the foreground other, more important parameters.


One of the expectations from a holiday abroad is cleanliness. And when it does not, there comes disappointment and irritation.

“On the beach full of trash, cigarettes, and cups. Not only had buried a corn cob – and Hey, Crimea-2010!”, “I imagine the Turkish beaches somehow in another way imagined. Didn’t expect to see the same mud as in Berdyansk,” – complained the indignant Ukrainians in social networks.

“Early on the beaches all the time ran the cleaner and there was a constant order, so if anyone did, it was imperceptible. And in recent years massive areas of crisis. And if the hotel not enough staff for cleaning, it really looks awful,” explained Natalia kolomiychuk.

“All to sleep!”

An unpleasant surprise for the person first arrived in some European city, could be the mode of operation of the exchangers, shops, pharmacies and even cafes and restaurants. Opening the door early in the morning, the owners usually slam them in 5-6 PM. So who did not – that was late.

Ukrainians on the forums contend: “the Siesta in the Mediterranean countries is something. People, Wake up! You live and work in the resort town! And tourists are what 3-4 hours to do? Too to sleep?!”, “Well, at least the pharmacy can not at 6 PM to close? But if the person wants it? And we still don’t like something with our-hour stores and pharmacies!”.

However, in countries without the traditional Siesta Ukrainians may be in for surprises no less.

“We were lucky that we arrived around 16:00, because at 18:00 our hotel is closed! As we have explained to administrators, you can register a stall, which is located to the right of the entrance (when facing the hotel). But there is a Bank and shops, no stall, no! Besides, it is unclear how needs to know about this guests who came and pecked at the closed door. I’ve spent probably hundreds of hotels, but such that after 18:00 there wasn’t anyone from the staff, ‘ve ever seen!” – shared his impressions about visiting Austria from Kiev Natalia.

Expensive and very expensive

Going to Europe, we are already in advance ready to that it compared to our salaries “everything is expensive”. So to see the Opera in Vienna and drink coffee in Bratislava is not for everyone.

“We often travel with family and used that for € 100 per night can rent a very decent room for three with Breakfast in “trio” and even “four”. However, in London this number is not passed: for the same money we got a room in the third hotel with a bathroom so tiny that in order to pass from the toilet to the shower, you had to open the door – no other way to pass. It seemed that we would be difficult to impress with something, but Stockholm did it. Here for 100 euros per night we could find only 5-foot room with a bunk bed, with shared facilities and no Windows. A regular room in the “Troika” with Breakfast cost us 200 euros per night for three. However, even for the money the hotel saved as best he could. For example, the buffet Breakfast is generally not suggested the presence of hot dishes – even scrambled eggs. In addition, did not provide housekeeping. The Swedes are saving electricity and the environment, so clean up once a week, towels also not changed. So administrators will immediately warn you of the room you go in Slippers and not to litter. For a room for 200 euros per night found this is not just surprising, but shocking!” – told the lady Tatiana.

Lack of English

English is today an international “tourist” language. Therefore, our compatriots very annoyed if neither in the hotel nor in the store or on the street no one can find a common language.

“In Poland it is still possible to live: Ukrainian and Polish are very close, so in principle it is possible to get in touch. Almost do not know (or want to use) English in France – the French are ardent followers of their own language. However, they can be explained “on the fingers”. But the most unpleasant surprises waiting for tourists in Hungary: if your partner doesn’t know English – you will not find a common language with him for anything!” – Ukrainians complain

Breakfast buffet

Of course, against the buffet, the Ukrainians have nothing. There is nothing wrong to choose food according to your taste. But our people manage to even is in all senses a positive thing to turn into a living hell.

“Last year, the rest in the Quartet in Turkey. Every day, the restaurant came Armageddon. Like the famine of the world”, “I just don’t understand these mountains of food at the table, and all around get their plates these “piles” and guzzle, guzzle, guzzle…”, “I Hate when ponabirali 10 plates of food and didn’t eat anything – only scratched. Yet at the same time, and clever: all inclusive, I paid for it! You’re a freak, paid for his Breakfast, and not to the scrap went a few pounds of food! Savages!” – Ukrainians complain.

“Last year was vacationing in Croatia, we had the included Breakfast and dinner. So for 15 minutes before dinner in front of the restaurant has gathered such a crowd that people occupied the entire hall and stood on the steps. For such quite a lot of money – all of the food! Chaos!” – add the people of Ukraine.

By the way, adds Natalia kolomiychuk, in expensive hotels sometimes queues are created by the Europeans. The fact that they fit directly to any dish, and are strictly in a circle (he loves it) and thereby create a queue.

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