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The Ukrainians reported, when trains will run on summer time

Украинцам сообщили, когда поезда начнут курсировать по летнему времениJournalists figured out with the actual “temporary” issues.

Ukraine will switch to summer 2017 this week.

The transition to seasonal time is carried out in more than hundred countries around the world. Among those who do not translate watch – Russia, Japan, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. Last year transfer is refused, and Turkey now live there in summer time.
Will the daylight saving time in 2017 in Ukraine?

It was assumed that the fall of 2012, Ukraine was the last time the transfer time will remain in the second time zone. But the government this question is not considered, therefore, Ukrainians continue to adjust clocks twice a year.

Last fall, Deputy Minister of economic development and trade Maxim nefodov excited the public with the message that Ukraine has canceled daylight saving time.

However, as it turned out, the government just announced the “Peremoha” out of the blue. In fact for Ukrainians, nothing has changed: such cancellations are annual, we can say – just “a tradition”. And this spring, with the next clock, the country has canceled the winter time.

So, according to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 13.05.96 №509, this spring, the clock will be held in the night from Saturday to Sunday March 26.

When daylight saving in Ukraine for the summer

Translate arrows on an hour forward will need three hours a night from Saturday 25th March to Sunday the 26th.

Thus, starting March 26 in Ukraine will disappear, the difference with the Moscow time (Russia watch do not translate).

The United States and Canada in the night from Saturday to Sunday have already shifted from winter to summer.

When trains in Ukraine begin to run on summer time

Traditionally, the tickets indicate the time of departure and arrival of trains into account daylight saving time. That is, the ticket will be the time of departure and arrival of trains taking into account daylight saving time (clock one hour forward).

This also applies to airports and bus stations.

Therefore, in order not to miss the transport, you need to carefully follow the arrows and the night watch translate, it is better to leave the house in advance to avoid delay.

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