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The Ukrainians impressed with the sparring of the two MPs

Украинцы впечатлены перепалкой двух нардеповBirch responded harshly to claims Shufrych.

In social networks provoked the admiration of videos, which went skirmish the people’s Deputy from the faction “popular front” Yuri Birch MP from “Opposition bloc” Nestor Shufrych about the ribbons.

Videos published in YouTube.

Sparring Shufrych Birch was held on may 17. Shufrich from the podium to criticize the government. “Tell me, please, with the decisions we took yesterday at the “St. George” ribbon, regarding the blocking of popular Internet-resources, we would be able to achieve peace?” — he questioned.

Behind him on the podium came the Birch. “Look, the fifth column, collect things, go to the caverns, go to Moscow, see “Vkontakte”! Take those ribbons, “St. George”, stick his d**, ignite and jump from the ninth floor. You have colleagues already did”, he said.

Video “parliamentary bottom” was highly praised by the users of Facebook.

“Aaaaaa… “So pack your bags, ride to cholera. To Moscow!”, — comments of videos the user Oleksandr Foshchan.

“Plakal…” — responds to the video Advisor to the President of Ukraine Yuri Biryukov.

“Netlenka from Birch,” comments video Facebook Irina Krut.

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