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The Ukrainians explained why you can not swear at Honey Spas

Украинцам объяснили, почему нельзя ругаться в Медовый Спас

The Dormition fast begins on August 14.

August 14, Orthodox Christians celebrate Honey Spas in the nation – Macovei. Traditionally in churches consecrate water, flowers, and Mac. After that they become healing. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

This day also begins the Dormition fast. It will last for two weeks.

The people Dormition fast has long been considered the most pleasant and easy, because the basis for a Lenten table are potatoes, mushrooms and at this time, Mature fruits and vegetables.

14 August is day of remembrance of the seven old Testament martyrs of the Maccabees, who died in 166 BC, By this time in many regions normally grow poppy, because once on holiday many families baked vegetable pies with poppy – makenzy. On the table this day must be the honey.

People say that the First save is farewell to summer. From this day begin to fly away swallows.

The Church gives almost complete freedom of action, but there are some signs of people.

Should not swim. People believed that Honey Spas summer ends. So you can drown or get sick. This is due to the fact that the nights begin to cool.

It is not necessary to work and clean the house. It is better to finish the day before. As with any religious holiday, people need to relax.

It is impossible to be angry and swear. Especially with family and relatives. It is believed that on this day all the negative wishes of others will return a hundredfold.

It is impossible to speak loudly, loudly celebrate. Bees react badly to it. As the day collecting honey, the noise complicates the procedure.

Recall that the Savior of the Apple is celebrated on 19 August, and the third Saved – nut or bread – August 29.

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