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The Ukrainians changed their attitude to their employers

Украинцы изменили отношение к своим работодателям45% of Ukrainian workers said that their loyalty to the company have not changed in 2017

However, 43% are less loyal to their employers, which is 9% less than in 2016.

Become more loyal to only 12% of respondents, which is 16% less than the previous year. Therefore, the trend of employee loyalty to their employers moving in the direction of reduction.

This was announced by the representative of the HR portal “HeadHunter” Ukraine Ekaterina, Krivoruchenko, the correspondent of ГолосUA.

“The reasons for such a treatment of companies can be changes in the labour market overall, for example, the trend toward more frequent change of the place of work and failed to build relationships between employer and employee, is largely dependent on the ratio of expected and real conditions”, – said the expert.

According to E. Krivoruchenko unjustified expectations also affect the workflow, especially if they relate to the conditions that employees believe are particularly pressing. So, 65% of respondents primarily expect a decent wage. At the same time, only the opinion 16% of respondents, this expectation is justified. But every fifth Ukrainian is convinced that the employer must allow the subordinate to work remotely or at a convenient place.

“65% of respondents primarily want to get high wages. Slightly less than half of believes that the employer must provide the opportunity for development and career growth. Slightly more than a third of respondents claim that their performance depends on the emotional atmosphere in the team. Among those who participated in the survey, 35% are in constant search of knowledge and new experiences and it’s important they get this experience from the employer. Every fourth wants to be officially employed and receive official salaries, the right to paid sick leave and vacation. For the fifth part of respondents desired a flexible work schedule, and the ability to work remotely. According to the Ukrainians, such an approach to work organization leadership shows trust in subordinates,” – said the expert.

She also noted that 19% of employees applying for the right to make strategic decisions in the company. One in six believes that the employer should properly organize the workspace subordinates. 14%

Ukrainians also want the employer noted their contribution to the development of the company. Every tenth employee wishes to have access to modern technology and many want to work with foreign colleagues. 9% of respondents believe that management must form a transparent and clear system of promotion for employees, and the same number of respondents expect that the employer will deal with the health of their subordinates. 8% of Ukrainians want to see their work was close to home, and 7% pay attention to the popularity of the company. One in twenty pays attention to the social importance of the activities of the company and the same number of respondents want an employer engaged in the General climate of the company and organized a joint vacation. And only 1% of Ukrainians drew attention to the social responsibility of business and charity events in which the company participates.

“There are some differences in terms of respondents’ expectations with reality. So, the survey showed that less than half of the respondents are officially employed, while striving to achieve this. At the same time, a third is working in a good team where there is trust and respect. Fourth of office workers say their companies have comfortable and equipped offices, and have a flexible work schedule. 22% of respondents work in a reputed company.

Every fifth Ukrainian has the ability to make decisions on important issues of the company and as many office workers have jobs close to home. Every sixth Respondent said that the workflow may evolve, including through training courses. 16% of Ukrainians say that the employer provides them with high and decent wages. One in seven has access to modern technology and many are involved in active corporate life.

One in eight has career prospects. 11% of respondents indicated that they receive bonuses and awards for achievements at work, as many respondents said that their leadership highlights the contribution of each employee in the company’s development. 6% of office workers say their company participates in social and charitable projects, and 5% of respondents say that their company is socially responsible,” – concluded E. Krivoruchenko.

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