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The Ukrainians called the cause of an unstable mobile communication

Украинцам назвали причину нестабильной мобильной связиWhy sometimes lost the connection.

The use of Ukrainians of illegally operating devices as well as operation of radio electronic means (REM) and non-compliance with conditions for the use of jamming mobile communication in Ukraine. This was reported by the press service of the enterprise “the Ukrainian state centre of radio frequencies”.

“In 2018 on the territory of Ukraine found almost 7000 of the facts with signs of violations of the law of Ukraine “On radio frequency resource”. The most characteristic of them is the use of illegal radio devices, and operation of radio electronic means with the violation of the terms of use. The vast number of cases of violations are such wireless technologies as broadband wireless access, radio communications and digital cellular radio … All this affects the overall electromagnetic environment in the country”, – noted in a press-enterprise service.

According to the Agency, in particular RES digital cellular communications have great influence through the sources of interference in frequency bands of General use. In addition, citizens use forbidden to use the RES – for example, forbidden in Ukraine and the EU cordless phones DECT 6.0. Recent work in the frequency range designated by the state for the development of 3G networks.

In the state added that the deterioration in the quality of mobile networks is happening because of the operation of the amplifiers, or repeaters of the signal – so-called repeaters, which are installed unauthorized. Typically, they are used by companies and individuals to improve the coverage of communication networks in areas with poor passage of radio waves (especially in the basement, office space, cafes, restaurants, underground Parking, etc. As explained in the state, such devices are set arbitrarily, without proper settings, what leads to the creation of interference to nearby cellular base stations.

According to the Ministry, last year the state has found about 7,000 of the facts with signs of violations.

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