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The Ukrainian was awarded the prestigious science prize

Украинку наградили престижной научной премиейAward of Adriana Salem established Salem, the widow of the French mathematician

Ukrainian academic Marina Vyazovskaya received the “Award of Salem 2016” – a prestigious math prize, which is annually awarded to young mathematician for outstanding research results in the field of scientific research of the French mathematician Raphael Salem.

As the press service of the Ministry of education and science, the Commission was awarded Vyazovskiy for its opening world level at the most dense packing of spheres in 8-and 24-dimensional spaces using methods of modular forms.

In the MES are reminded that in 2016, the mathematician solved the problem, the solution of which scientists have worked for several centuries: the packing of spheres in 8-dimensional space and in collaboration — in 24-dimensional. In other words, scientists have found a solution to the packing of balls in Euclidean space. Previously, the problem of packing balls were solved only for spaces with three or less dimensions.

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“About the packing of the balls – in fact, this problem is easy to understand, explains the academic edition of the Ukrainians. – We have a box and I need to put in as many balls of the same radius. A lot depends on the volume of the box. We need to find a constant correlation between the volume of the box and the number of balls that can be put there”.

Vyazovskiy graduated from Kyiv natural-scientific Lyceum No. 145 and the mechanics and mathematics faculty of the Kiev national University named after Taras Shevchenko. In 2010 he defended his thesis at the Institute of mathematics of NAS of Ukraine on “Bumps polynomial and rational functions and quadrature formulas on the sphere”, and in 2013 received the degree of doctor of natural Sciences at the University of Bonn, with a thesis “Modular functions and special cycles”.

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Award of Adriana Salem established Salem, the widow of the French mathematician of Greek origin raphaël Salem (1898-1963). Since 1968, the award recognizes mathematicians who have distinguished themselves in research, which was interested in Salem, especially in the work connected with Fourier series (a way of representing arbitrary complex functions a amount more simple).

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