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The Ukrainian singer was hospitalized: the cause

Украинскую певицу госпитализировали: названа причинаLying on a drip in the clinic, the actress came to live in Instagram.

It became known that the popular Ukrainian singer Kamaliya was admitted to the Boris clinic in Kyiv after a two-day film a new clip for a new English-language song.

According to the artist, the reason that she is now in hospital on a drip turned out to be her own carelessness.

As it turned out, the singer Kamaliya, who received a prestigious award in Austria, two days worked on the film a new clip with a temperature of 39 degrees. Yesterday, on December 24, the actress became worse and she turned for help to doctors, who diagnosed her with bilateral bronchopneumonia, and prescribed a five-day bed rest. Lying on a drip in the hospital, Diana went to live in Instagram and told fans what was happening to her:

“Hello! Well, they say that beauty and art require sacrifice. Now, the sacrifice I have after shooting a two-day clip a Christmas theme for my English songs. The clip will be released on December 26, I will start with Denmark and will go across Europe.

What I want to say? With a temperature of 39 two days of filming were not, as they say, nothing. Today I felt really bad, as it turned out, I got bilateral pneumonia. Here, lying on a drip, will have five days to drip. Called “finally I will relax”. Because nothing can put me to bed can not force me to relax. How many friends joke and say that Kamaliya is a robot or an alien.

I do not lose heart, I know that soon I’ll recover. Lie in Boris. Trying, of course, to leave me here for five days, but I resist. Because I want to still at home with the kids to be. By the way, test for flu was negative. I thought I had the flu, turns out not to be flu, just a virus infection.

I want to warn all that very, very carefully, because right now, a virus goes, which gives complications in the lungs, the bronchi. So I quickly, within 2-3 days, turned out to be bilateral bronchopneumonia. Inflammation of the lungs”.

Украинскую певицу госпитализировали: названа причина

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