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The Ukrainian singer has been suspected of plastic surgery

Украинскую певицу заподозрили в пластической операцииSolokha was accused of excessive love for silicone

Ukrainian singer Solokha has released a new erotic video for their song “Bun”. After the presentation of the video, it rained criticism of the users of social networks because she starred in the clip almost Nude. Users believe such a video is unacceptable.

In the clip, the singer dances in underwear that covers the apron.

“Anything bad in it do not see! They all go to the beach in a revealing swimsuit and it does not bother anyone. I have nothing to be ashamed of, I was wearing the apron,” explained the singer.

According to Solokha such outrageous comments written by those people who are ashamed of their bodies.

Some commentators singer accused of excessive love for silicone. However, it is Solokha said that it promotes the beauty and spend hours running in the hall to have good form.

Note that Solokha is a project of the famous Ukrainian producer Vladimir Bebeshko. According to him, the singer should become a real revolution in the Ukrainian show business.

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