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The Ukrainian Parliament refused to consider a bill of impeachment Zelensky

Украинский парламент отказался рассматривать законопроект Зеленского об импичменте

Today the Ukrainian Parliament refused to include in the agenda the consideration made by the newly elected President Zelensky of the bill on impeachment of the President. For a decision voted only 101 of the parliamentarian necessary minimum of 226 votes of deputies.

We will remind that earlier on introducing such a bill in the Ukrainian Parliament, with a detailed mechanism for the removal from office of the President, said Zelensky representative in the Parliament Ruslan Stefanchuk. The bill was registered on 29 may.

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Presented the draft regulation suggests that the procedure of impeachment of the President can be initiated in the presence of a majority of parliamentarians (226 deputies). In addition, to study the activities of the President created a group of deputies, which includes representatives from all factions.

The Ukrainian Parliament registered a bill Zelensky impeachment of the President

Subsequently, in the case of deciding on the guilt of the head of state, Parliament should direct the appeal to the constitutional court and the Supreme court to reach conclusions about compliance with the law during the procedure of investigation and consideration of the case of impeachment of the President.

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Also, in the explanatory note to the draft law States that if the Parliament will not be accepted the decision on dismissal of the President from office by impeachment, the President on behalf of the Rada will bring the head of state apology.

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