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The Ukrainian military want to be transplanted on bicycles

Украинских военных хотят пересадить на велосипедыNow considering the idea.

Soon the Ukrainian military can take the bikes. The soldiers are saying that during the conflict in the Donbass two-wheeled often used in the service for silent move between positions. Soldiers would like to be taken to the official service. It was found, when it can occur.

QUIET TRANSPORT. Often bikes military asked to by activists. Volunteer Ivan Zvyagin says that he personally saw a military transport.

“This is a normal civilian bikes. With them the soldiers brought either by themselves or sent them to the Donbass mail,” says Zvyagin. And he adds: “There are positions between which a distance from 1 to 2 km. If one soldier needs to go from one to the other position, it would be wasteful to use a truck. Easier to change on the bike. Moreover, it is virtually silent transport compared to others.”

According to Zvyagin, on the Donbass, he was seen not only bicycles but also motorcycles, which the soldiers themselves or with the help of volunteers, was adapted for the front.

“On certain motorcycles, the soldiers set machine guns to in case of need to repel the militants,” says Zvyagin.

I agree the soldiers themselves. “It would be nice to bikes purchased for the army purposefully. Sometimes when you see the distance that you have to walk, really want the bike,” — told us one of the men, who is now in the frontline Kramatorsk.

OFFICIALLY. The General staff and the headquarters of ATO do not exclude that the question of supply of two-wheelers will raise officially.

“Bicycles are not officially adopted, but the soldiers using it in the service privately. Such transport usually used not on the front line, and for movement on the inner rear positions,” — said the “Today” the speaker of the headquarters ATO Anatoly Stelmach.

Not against the purchase of bicycles and AP. “This could be, if the decision of the General staff,” — said presidential adviser Yuri Biryukov.

In fact, the staff told us that such a question is not raised. “But I was witness how simple it is to use the bike, for example, on the runway Kramatorsk airfield. After all, to pass on vzletke about 3 km — not always easy, and bike — a matter of minutes. Of course, at the forefront in the exploration of such transport is useless, and the second and third lines of defense could be useful,” — told us one of the members of the General staff.

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