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The Ukrainian authorities have prepared a document prohibiting entry into the country of Yulia Samoilova

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This year Russia on “the Eurovision” will be presented by 27-year-old Yulia Samoylova, from his childhood confined to a wheelchair. The singer will perform the song Flame Is Burning. The candidacy of Yulia as a participant of “Eurovision” has caused a heated debate on the Network. Some believe that a girl will be a success, others believe that it was not worth to send to Kiev a singer with disabilities. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In Ukraine Samoilova was treated harshly. First, the singer and the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from “block of Petro Poroshenko” Oksana Bilozir called the party of “Eurovision”, “ugly”, and now the government does not want to let Yulia in the country.

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“At this moment, the decision to ban her entry is still pending, but open secret: the relevant document has already been prepared. She not just visited the Crimea, she left footprints in social networks, where she spoke about the Ukraine, its government, its course of Euro-Atlantic integration. My position is clear: I believe that it should not come to Ukraine”, — quotes “Interfax” the head of SBU Vasily Gritsak.

However, Julia does not hide that acted in Crimea. “That’s right, I acted in Crimea. In Kerch. I do not hide, because there is nothing wrong with that do not. I’m just very far from politics,” said Samoilova informed in interview to the First channel.

Meanwhile, Iosif Kobzon happy with the status quo. The artist is sure that Russia has nothing to do with “Eurovision”. “There is no need to go there in bandit country, dishonor our performers. So it is very good that they (the Ukrainian authorities) artificially created, as they say in football, the offside”, -quotes the Director of RIA Novosti.

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