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“The ugliest woman in the world” opposed the insulting memes

The 27-year old American girl Lizzie Velasquez netizens dubbed “the most ugly woman in the world”. With the birth of the girl suffers from a rare disease — a syndrome of Wiedemann- – Joest-because of which her body was developing with abnormalities. At birth the weight of Lizzie was only 0.9 kg. Now with the growth of 157 cm, she weighs 29 pounds. To gain weight and her body is not.

Throughout the life of Lizzie faced with criticism and rejection of society. Recently she said in Instagram about how offensive can be humorous memes for those who on them is represented. Lizzie posted a screenshot of one of these pictures, which depicts a she.


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“Michael said we would meet at this tree to have a little fun. He’s late, can anyone find it and tell you that I’m still waiting,” reads the inscription on the photo.

“Not so important who we are and what we look like in the end, we are all human. I ask you to remember this when next time you see a viral meme about a random stranger. It will seem funny, but the man in the picture will feel exactly the opposite,” wrote Lizzie. Velasquez noted that appeals to the society not as a victim but as a person with a voice.

Criticism Lizzie already perceives calmly, she only hardened her character. Now she speaks at conferences and talks to people around the world how to overcome inhibitions and love yourself. Lizzie wrote the book “history of the most ugly women in the world, which became the most happy,” which was recently translated into Russian language.

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