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The U.S. Ambassador spoke about the plans of Obama to start a war with Russia

Посол США рассказал о планах Обамы развязать войну с РФAs it turned out, the former President of the United States was a few steps away from starting a world war.

The sanctions imposed by President Barack Obama due to the annexation of Crimea, have become an alternative to the war between the US and Russia.

This was stated by U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Tefft.

According to the diplomat, it was also a way of US to convey to Russia the message that the “attack on democracy” is unacceptable.

“The choice that was presented to the Obama administration: “do you Want to wage war with Russia?” No one wanted this. And Russia did not want to go to war with the United States, as I understand it,” said Tefft.

Answering a leading question about whether he considers the introduction of economic sanctions is effective, Tefft said that economic constraints are “blunt instrument”, and “understand it all”, but despite this, they are “effective”. He also added that the United States needed “to Express my disagreement with what was described as a violation of international law”, and subsequent economic restrictions imposed by the US against Russia have been introduced as a reaction to cyber attacks on the American electoral system.

“I understand that 30 of the 50 States have experienced an attack by Russian hackers on the election Commission. And it’s just very discouraging to Americans: if the Russians can do it, they perceive it as a direct attack on the electoral system,” said Tefft.

That is why, the Ambassador said, “the vote in the Senate and in the house of representatives on the sanctions was unanimous.”

Tefft also said that the introduction of the latest anti-Russian sanctions “an attempt to convey information to Russia” that it “not worth it [cyber attacks] can do.”

“We’re not the only one: the French, the French system was also under attack. I don’t know what’s going on in Germany, where the next month will be elections, but in any democracy, the attack on the democratic system is discouraging for all”, – said Tefft.

In early August, 2017 the President of the United States Donald trump has signed the law on sanctions against three countries – Russia, DPRK and Iran. In particular, it involves the introduction of new sanctions against Russian state companies working in the railroad, steel and mining sectors, and also restricts the transfer of American technology for the exploration and production of Russian oil in deep water, Arctic offshore and shale formations. This law restricts the President the right to lift sanctions against these countries – now the President of the United States will be required to obtain the consent of Congress.

Earlier, 14 January 2017, former President Barack Obama before his resignation for a year extended the sanctions regime imposed against Russia over the Crimea.

In addition, at the end of December 2016 Obama imposed new sanctions against Russia with the wording “for Russia’s intervention in the elections”. Under them were, in particular, the FSB and the General Directorate of the General staff of Russia (GU GS, the former main intelligence Directorate, GRU), and three companies that, according to the text of the decree on sanctions, “provide material support cyberwaste” special services. Washington has also declared persona non grata 35 Russian diplomats, requiring them to leave the U.S. within 72 hours, and deprived the Russian Embassy in the US diplomatic property in Maryland and new York.

In response, the government of Russia on 1 August 2017 deprived the U.S. Embassy in Moscow the right to use “diplomatic dacha” in Serebryany Bor and the warehouse on a Traffic street on the outskirts of Moscow, and also advised Washington to reduce the number of employees in Russia diplomats to 445 people.

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