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The TV series “Tremors” – news!

In 2015 was announced a TV series based on a series of comedic horror films, “Tremors” (Tremors), and in the project had to be a part of actor Kevin bacon, who played a major role in the very first (and best) film in this series. He later bacon this information is not confirmed. And indeed the main source of news about the project remain just an interview with the actor.

Here and in the next conversation, Kevin revealed new details. At the same time, the actor managed to pull so many details.

So, on a television reboot “Trembling earth” is the Studio of the famous producer Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions. Company bloom works in collaboration with Universal Cable Productions. Will filmed a pilot episode in which Bacon has the MAIN role.

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Earlier, the actor spoke about why he wants to return to the role of your character from the “Trembling earth”:

Someone asked me recently if any of you have played such characters, to which I would like to go back? And you know, there is only one such. I had a lot of roles, but this guy (Val) attracts me one thing. He really did nothing, earned a living as a “handyman”. And then because of the absolutely incredible events he becomes a hero! So, what happens when you so suddenly become a hero? What happens twenty-five years later? These are things that we want to find out through the series.

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The pilot episode shot for SyFy. In this case we are talking about what will eventually be filmed mini-series of eight episodes (although it was originally planned to take ten in a series).

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