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The TV series “castle Rock” renewed for second season

Service Hulu has officially given the green light to continue shooting. Expected, but no less happily.

As practice shows, the same name by Stephen king guarantees nothing in and of itself will not make the series fit. Absolutely disastrous “Haze” will not lie. But “castle Rock” (Castle Rock) – the product of an entirely different quality. Old J. J. Abrams has not struck in a dirt the person.

By the way, the series was originally not intended to be limited to one season:

“Castle Rock” will be an anthology, so every season will unfold its own story with its characters. Since the place of action remain the same city, then these stories, as well as actors will be interesting to overlap and intersect with each other.

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That may be so, but if the show met cool, and the ratings were somewhere in the area of the plinth, Napoleon’s plans would have had to bury. Fortunately, nothing happened: the series are actively discussing and called one of the biggest hits of the summer, the audience was happy, and the creators admit that they did not expect such a positive reaction. In this situation, the extension of the “castle Rock” for a second season, it was more than obvious step. So, we are waiting for more dark secrets of a small town in Maine.

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Recall that in Russia, the series shows quite officially Yandex/Kinopoisk. Presumably, the sequel to there will be available.

Topic: Pennywise of “It” broke in “castle Rock”?

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