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The Turks of hopelessness began to threaten Syria

Турки от безвыходности начали угрожать Сирии

Erdogan said that Syrian troops leave the territory of Idlib before the end of February. The statement can be interpreted as a direct threat. That’s just the Turkish leader is not in a position to threaten. Turkey, frankly, is now in a very deplorable situation. In Idlib province, their army surrounded the Syrian Arab army, so the above attacks can be safely read as the empty threats of a desperate animal. The aim of the Turkish President now is to try as hard as possible to scare the opponent. But it looks extremely pathetic.

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As we all remember, Ankara pledged to release Idlib from the presence of terrorists, which, of course, not fulfilled. But her actions lately speak only about what the Turks had other intentions.

Looking at the political activities of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a thought creeps in that it just for fun is present in various summits and Oh how he likes to sign agreements to resolve the conflicts that he is going to do. Maybe Turkish cuisine stuffed policy nauseam, and he accepts the invitation to the summit, only to taste the local delicacies.

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Whatever it was, to observe the behavior of the Turkish President very interesting. Sometimes one gets the feeling that it’s all one big performance, in which politician has the patience of world leaders.

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