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The Turkish President has denied the crisis state of the economy

Турецкий президент опроверг кризисное состояние экономики According to Erdogan, the crisis in Turkey is not.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said about the absence in the economy of the Republic of the crisis and called for the renunciation of foreign currency in some internal calculations. He said this on Wednesday during a speech in Ankara.

“We now have a period of recovery. I do not believe that there is a crisis, everything is manipulation. There is no crisis. Strengthened, we go to the future,” he said.

He touched and emerging problems in the country with rents in shopping centers, where some landlords looking to profit from the volatility of the prices, forcing the tenants to pay in foreign currency.

“Don’t be deceived by these manipulations in shopping malls. In this country the rent for dollars and Euro no. Continue these calculations will be carried out in Turkish Lira, but otherwise, the manipulators will pay the bills,” he said.

The Turkish leader stressed that “this is Turkey, not the United States.”

“Here in the power of the Turkish Lira. For the Lira will rent, will make purchases”, – he added.

Lira has lost value more than 40%, which resulted in a number of economic difficulties in the country: increased inflation, began to rise in price of goods and services. The Central Bank of the Republic raised interest rates to 24%, despite the sharp criticism of this action by the President himself. Last time at this level, this figure was in 2004, while now the interest rate is higher Turkish only from Suriname (25%) and Argentina (60%).

In addition, the Turkish authorities stated that they did not intend, for example, to take a new loan from the International monetary Fund, and expect direct inflow of foreign capital and tend to believe the problems with the national currency politically mediated.

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