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The true story of Sonya Golden hand. Photo

Правдивая история Соньки Золотой ручки. ФотоOne of the most famous thieves in history.

In the second half of the XIX century appeared in Saint-Petersburg a real Queen of thieves stopped that could not have very good locks or the Lord detective investigators. But what really was sheindl sur leybova Solomoniak, famous as the best con artist in the world — Sonka the Golden hand.

Правдивая история Соньки Золотой ручки. Фото

In Russia adventure beauty Sophia began badly. Already at the station of the Wedge, the police takes her with someone else’s suitcase, but she manages to convince okolonauchnyh that grabbed it by mistake. Realizing that small towns have nothing to catch, Sonya decided to go to the conquest of St. Petersburg, reputed to be the capital of the underworld in Eastern Europe.

Правдивая история Соньки Золотой ручки. Фото

Guten Morgen
In St. Petersburg Sonya has developed her signature style of thefts from hotel rooms. Trick “Guten Morgen” (good morning) the thief pulled in the best hotels of the city: choosing a victim, she at dawn penetrated into the room, found everything of value, and quickly ran away. Sometimes the guest would Wake up, but Sonya just pretended it was the wrong number — it worked.

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Правдивая история Соньки Золотой ручки. Фото

Marriage and tour
Pretty parmeliopsis in St. Petersburg, Queen of the thieves went to a tiny Dinaburg, where he popped up to marry an elderly Jewish Shelom Student. Clean out your hubby at the beginning of the honeymoon, Sonya arranged a world tour through enlightened Europe.

Правдивая история Соньки Золотой ручки. Фото

Aristocrat in law
Journey through Europe brought Sophia very good money. Naskuchit the local society, beauty returned to Moscow, where he entered the higher criminal caste, the club “Red jacks”. In St. Petersburg a girl has created his own gang, which operated in conjunction with the famous raider a Levite by Scandanavica.

Правдивая история Соньки Золотой ручки. Фото

Popularity worth it
Until 1880 Sonya never came across the police. Moreover, the famous thief knew even people on the streets and several times the girl managed to escape in the crowd from the constable. But how much rope does not curl, the end is still the same: great thief was put on trial and sent to Smolensk the hole. Here, the beauty managed to seduce one of the guards and fled with him.

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Правдивая история Соньки Золотой ручки. Фото

Farewell tour
Escaped from justice, Sonya once again rushed to conquer European cities. Austria-Hungary, Germany, Poland — all went well at first, but age has already imposed its restrictions on the ability of the poor thief. Upon returning to Moscow Sonya caught on the Scam with diamonds and went into exile on the Sakhalin penal servitude. Here are likely to end up a great con artist.

Правдивая история Соньки Золотой ручки. Фото

Правдивая история Соньки Золотой ручки. Фото

The memory of Queen
But there are other versions. Some historians believe that Sonya from prison escaped and lived out his peaceful housewife is already in the revolutionary Moscow. At the Vagankovskoye cemetery, where according to legend, buried great crook, stands a remarkable monument. It was built on the money of crime bosses from all over the world to this day here come a string of gloomy people wanting to pay tribute to the Queen of the criminal world.

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