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The tribes of the most savage rituals. Photo

Племена с самыми дикими ритуалами. ФотоThey dominate their laws.

Even in the age of urbanization and high technology on earth there are still many primitive tribes, mainly living in different parts of Africa, South Africa, Asia and the USA. These people have isolated themselves from the world civilization and remained faithful to the ancient traditions of our ancestors, and including rituals, which sometimes shocking the common man.

The Fulani Tribe

Племена с самыми дикими ритуалами. Фото

The Fulani people settled in West Africa and the first among the tribes of the region converted to Islam. The Fulani have a particular idea of beauty: women make tattoos on faces – the process takes several hours and is performed with a pointed fixture from the tree.
Boys undergo brutal initiation into adulthood, during which they beat each other with twigs, showing bravery. The crowd chooses the winner, worthy to be called a man.

The Tribe Of Matusa

Племена с самыми дикими ритуалами. Фото

The tribe of Mateus lives in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. The people of this tribe are “cleansed” by means of bleeding in the throat, tongue and nostrils stick cane tube to come out all “impure” blood.

The Tribe Of Ogiek

Племена с самыми дикими ритуалами. Фото

Boys and girls of the tribe of Ogiek in southern Kenya paint their body to look intimidating, while there is a legend that at this time they hunt a mythical creature. During the dedication, they were separated from adults and boys are circumcised. So they show their readiness for adult life.

The Sambia Tribe

Племена с самыми дикими ритуалами. Фото

The Sambia tribe – the inhabitants of Papua New Guinea, known for the strange ritual of turning a boy into a man. At the age of 9 years the boy weaned from the mother and for ten years he has lived only with men. The “test” for a boy include: bloodletting, forced vomiting, and swallowing.. semen of other men.
The relationship between a man and a woman in this tribe is extremely complex and full of rules and restrictions.

The Tribe Kosa

Племена с самыми дикими ритуалами. Фото

Teenagers Xhosa tribe of South Africa are the traditional stages of initiation into adulthood when they become adults, for them there is a separate cabin. Boys shave, left to live in solitude far from the tribe in the mountains. They are circumcised and not allowed to return to the tribe until a certain time.

The people of the Sepik

Племена с самыми дикими ритуалами. Фото

The bloody rite of initiation into the tribe of the Sepik of Papua New Guinea: with the help of razor the older members of the tribes cut off from young people the skin creating a pattern resembling crocodile skin. A total of about 450 applied cuts.


Племена с самыми дикими ритуалами. Фото

Vanuatu is located in the Republic of Vanuatu, the Pacific island nation in the South Pacific. They practice artificial cranial deformation. The procedure is done by distorting the normal growth of skull with prolonged application of mechanical action, mainly by tight taping head: this is done in the early and teenage years.

People It

Племена с самыми дикими ритуалами. Фото

The number of the tribe it living on Mentalistic Islands of Indonesia, about 64 thousand people. They are known for having tattoos applied all over the body and sharpen the teeth. The women of the tribe saw round teeth fixtures of stone. Women kept the tradition of their ancestors, as it is believed that this makes them more attractive to men.

Matis Tribe

Племена с самыми дикими ритуалами. Фото

Matis tribe living in Brazil, has a population of 290 people and is actively engaged in hunting and agriculture. In preparation for the hunt the young men of the tribe introduced into the eye poison to “improve vision”, and then they are beaten, whipped with whips, and to top it off with a wooden needle injected under the skin of poison frogs.


Племена с самыми дикими ритуалами. Фото

The brutal tradition of initiation of young men Brazilian tribe Satere-MAV: the boy must stick his hand into a glove filled with poisonous ants, placed tips inside, and hold for 20 minutes. Nothing but the stings of ants of the Amazon lead to unbearable pain and even paralysis.

The Tribe Of Tikkun

Племена с самыми дикими ритуалами. Фото

Tikkun is also the indigenous people of the Brazilian Amazon, who still have a traditional ritual for young girls: their bodies fully painted in black, on the forehead draw the symbol of a tribe, and tear out hair. As such, the girl jumps over the fire, and then “becoming a woman”. This ritual is used to this day.

“People of clay” Asaro

Племена с самыми дикими ритуалами. Фото

Asaro is one of the most famous tribes of Papua New Guinea, known frightening ceremonial masks, made using the teeth and other parts of animals. Tradition has come from ancient times when the men of the tribe raided. Now people Asaro daubed with clay, wear masks, and dance ritual dances, willingly showing them to tourists!


Племена с самыми дикими ритуалами. Фото

The Maasai of southern Kenya have hunted lions – according to the laws of the tribe, if a man has killed a lion, he was considered a warrior. However, this tradition stopped, soon the lions defended the legislation. Masai stopped killing lions and instead took up sports is now the tribe conducts sports for men.

The Dani Tribe

Племена с самыми дикими ритуалами. Фото

The mysterious Dani tribe lives on the island of New Guinea in Indonesia, far from civilization. Women of the tribe followed the horrific ancient ritual: every time the death of their relatives, as a sign of respect and mourning, they cut off his phalanx of fingers. The Indonesian government stopped this practice, but its footprints can be seen in many older women.


Племена с самыми дикими ритуалами. Фото

Mandalas – Indian people, had previously led a semi-nomadic way of life on the Missouri river, but at the moment lives in North Dakota. A tribe known for ritual initiation of young people called okipa, which lasted several days: four days young men had to go without sleep and starve, and the fifth – future warriors hung “ceiling” ritual hut, threading hooks through the skin. The next morning, they cut off their little fingers as an offering to the spirits.

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