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The trial Egor Zhukov is distilled farce

Процесс над Егором Жуковым — это дистиллированный фарс

The trial Egor Zhukov is distilled farce and the standard extremely cynical of the court in the case of extremism. Regardless of the punishment, which he will be assigned (although in the case of imprisonment, the demonstrative will only intensify).

Since 2006, when the “Agora” began to work in criminal cases on extremism, such in the country was many hundreds, including dozens in the work of our lawyers. The most odious practices navasyalchan side of the CPE, the Prosecutor’s office, CCJ and even the FSB we were able to stop, including at the system level. The result of these efforts was the decriminalization of article 282 of the criminal code, but article 280, podsledstvennyh FSB, it is not affected. FSB brought under reasonable restrictions, allowing it to continue and even increase arbitrary interpretation of common sense, the Russian language and the criminal law process. The same exemption received TFR when proceedings are initiated on the direct orders of his supervisor.

The main evidence of the prosecution on the case of Egor Zhukov is linguistic expertise, which was conducted by the FSB without specialized education, academic degree, academic title and any scientific publications in the field of Russian language. Expert in General mathematics. The court refused to interrogate several well-known linguists with years of experience and dozens of judicial expertise in the portfolio.

The examination did not participate psychologist that certainly in cases of appeals, as the specialist must appreciate the words that motivate the different actions, it is beyond the competence of the linguist, and especially mathematics. The court refused to accept the conclusions of experts, in fact, deprived of the protection of the right to present evidence in a criminal case. It is expressly prohibited by law and called a violation of the right to protection.

The case of Yegor Zhukov, of course, exceptional. It sends a signal that young people are forbidden under threat of imprisonment to criticize the government and call for change. It also sends the signal that no established rules, restrictions, judicial and investigative practice, the corridors are permitted and the basic norms of the Russian language do not apply when there is nothing blatant direct political order for exemplary landing public activist.

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