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The trend of the season — fur scarves: how to wear and what to combine

Тренд сезона — меховые шарфы: как носить и с чем сочетать

With jacket

All brilliant — easy! Admit it, most fashionistas choosing a cozy outerwear, almost ignoring the trend for fur coats, but still follow the “fluffy” trend wants. For such cases, invented fur scarves-collars. By the way, very convenient, if your down jacket is not endowed with a warm hood or a collar. Scarf fur nil wind and frost close to your neck.

And you can change your outfit every day, just varying the combination of down jacket with a scarf is a great reason not to spend money on several types of clothing. Scarves still are much cheaper.

For convenience choose models socks faux fur, which already has a small tie. These are easier to fix on the jacket, they are definitely not blown away by the wind, and you don’t risk forgetting a scarf in the snow by negligence.

Тренд сезона — меховые шарфы: как носить и с чем сочетать

  1. Jacket O’STIN, 3499 RUB.; 2. Scarf Asos, 1490 rubles; 3. Clutch Pull&Bear, 2799 rubles; 4. Culottes Uniqlo, 2999 rubles; 5. Turtleneck Tommy Hlfiger (, was 8600 RUB.; 6. Ankle boots Zara, 5999 RUB.

With the jacket

Leather pants, my favorite sweater, comfortable boots and a plaid jacket offers a daring straight a student ready. If you want to pass is also an avid fashionistas — add to outfit bright fur scarf. Don’t even try to wrap it around your neck. Take the example of div street-style and fasten one end of the scarf strap at the level of the navel and the other on the back, throwing him over one shoulder. In our opinion, such images look very cool and fresh.

To use this idea it is possible and in the fresh air! Just swap out the jacket for a warm coat. The scarf will definitely be a decoration image.

Тренд сезона — меховые шарфы: как носить и с чем сочетать

  1. Boots Wrangler, 9900 RUB.; 2. Jumper Stradiverius, 2299 rubles; 3. Scarf Warehouse Premium 4490 RUB; 4. Glasses Tiffany&Co 18 199 RUB; 5. Trousers, Tommy Hilfiger, price on request; 6. Jacket Pull&Bear, 2999 rubles; 7. Belt Maison Bohemique, 25 300 RUB.

With the dress

Of course you can use a scarf as a fur boa or just throw it on the shoulders. But we suggest to use the hack from the last paragraph and tie the fur accessory is a leather strap at the waist.

Choose the model of scarves exclusively contrast to the dress color, and not to look like an old Russian boyar, avoid billowing skirts. These scarves coolest look complete with dress-turtleneck, a mini-sheath or A-shaped dress, but it is in the case if you decide to use the belt.

Another option socks — clearance fur deep V neckline evening dress. Feel like a heroine of the film about the 20-ies of the last century. Wow! Seems like the party starts.

Тренд сезона — меховые шарфы: как носить и с чем сочетать

  1. Guess dress, price upon request; 2. Scarf H&M 1699 rubles; 3. Necklace UNOde50, 15 990 rubles; 4. Boots Mascotte, 11 990 rubles; 5. Bag Stradivarius, 1599 RUB; 6. Belt Tommy Hilfiger (Lamoda), 3699 RUB.

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