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The trailer for the detective series, “Strike” based on the novel by JK Rowling

Small lecture introduction – the first novel about private detective Cormoran Strike can be considered at the same time and first resounding success of J. K. Rowling after the end of the famous Saga about the wizard with the scar. Before “the cuckoo’s Calling” (so called book) was still experimental for the author in the “adult” literature, “the Casual vacancy”, but it was ambiguously received by critics. Sales of the detective, the author of which was listed a non-existent writer Robert Galbraith, skyrocketed, cost Rowling only the hint of what she is hiding under a male pseudonym. To date, a series of books about Strika has three novels and the fourth (“Lethal White”) is being prepared for publication.

No wonder that the film rights to the popular story quickly pregnable hands – the lucky winners were the producers of BBC One. Show series, the channel will begin on August 27, and while what he shares with fans of the original books so here is a short but informative trailer in which distinguished British stars Tom Burke and Holliday Grainger.

When the infamous top model, falling from a snow-covered balcony of his penthouse, to his death, all think it’s suicide. But brother girls can’t accept this conclusion and uses services of a private detective named cormoran Strike. Strike was a war, injured physically and mentally; his life is rushing downhill. Now he expects to close the financial gap at least, but the investigation turns into an insidious trap. Delving into the complicated story of the young star, strike reveals the secret underside of events – and he moves toward mortal danger…

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