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The trailer for “IT” voice in the style of VHS + tripoly poster!

Nine days before the premiere of “It.” Nine. Days.

To brighten up a feverish anticipation, we’ve gathered for you a fresh batch of awesome fan-made content dedicated to the new film adaptation of one of the best novels of Stephen king.

First of all, we have an atmospheric trailer with very specific, but recognizable and sweet heart Russian movie Russian voice acting in the spirit of the salons of the 90s. Mandatory twang in the style of Gavrilova and Volodarsky, light it, and other delights. It would seem that such a small thing, but this video for a couple of minutes brought me back to the days of his youth, when a bulky video recorder “electronica” became the altar of the God of fighters and horrors in our old but cozy apartment.

Channel Individualist you can find other trailers, voiced in the same manner performed by Boris Strakhov.

In addition, the Internet was discovered another poster “It”, done by the hand of a talented admirer. A couple of days ago we’ve seen fan posters “It” that would have approved Pennywise. On, it seems those were not as terrible as a beginner.

However, the film promises to be even more terrible.

When the town of Derry, Maine, children begin to disappear, a few guys are faced with their greatest fears and forced to face off with the evil clown Pennywise, whose cruelty and the list of victims goes back centuries.

Nine days. Nine. “It” will appear before the Russian audience 7 September 2017.

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