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The trailer for “It” in 1990 in the style of “It” 2017

Impressive movie trailer Andres, Moschetti “It” (It) caused a stir in the horror community and has become a real event. For a reason he set a record for number of views per day. Stephen king invented them clown Pennywise certainly satisfied. Meanwhile, before the world premiere of another long four months, so the fans entertain themselves as they can. Someone launches a fun flash mobs, someone who likes drawings based on “It”, and someone is practicing in the creation of thematic video.

We have often admired the craftsmen, able to efficiently ReWire the trailer or fuck artistic imagination on a given topic. For example, what happens if you imagine “It” as the episode “Very strange things”? Or replace the creepy clown seemingly cute Cat in the Hat? Sometimes it turns out really cool.

Today we’ve got the first trailer for the film adaptation of “It” (1990), cut in the style of modern roller. Another Club, the Losers, another Pennywise, but everything else! But the video is honestly trying to duplicate trailer record, and sometimes it succeeds one hundred percent. There are direct visual quotes, there is a gag, but overall, it was very curious. Especially for comparison contrast. Still, many of us are scared shitless of the TV movie of the 90s with Tim Curry, but few have watched it in adulthood. At the beginning of the trailer it is difficult to escape the feeling that this is some kind of Amateur production. However, later retracted, remember the story, know the actors and scenery and again plunge into the nightmare of childhood. At least a few moments of nostalgia, the video will provide.

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