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The trailer for “blade Runner 2049”: What was shown at CinemaCon?

Looks like we have new details about the plot of the movie “blade Runner 2049”. For example, the role of Jared Leto.

So, except for a few intriguing scenes from “the Dark tower” at CinemaCon in Las Vegas this past Monday it was possible to see a new video from the new film by Denis Villeneuve. As you know, this is a direct sequel to the cult sci-Fi classics by Ridley Scott, written them in 1982. The creators continue already teased the audience with a teaser, but on March 27 at a private screening was a trailer of the picture. And according to witnesses, he combines mystery, dynamics and visual exoticism.

If you are familiar with the style of Villeneuve, you know what he’s capable of, and he’s true here to the full. We were shown a little more Harrison Ford (but not much), and it seems that it is primarily the story of the character Ryan Gosling — with the same hints that he might be a Replicant, but it served to cause us to doubt.
In addition, we first saw the character Jared Leto, who, apparently, is the “Creator” of the Replicants. He welcomes the emergence of a new Replicant from the tank in the lab with the words: “All of civilization was built on the humps disposable workforce. We create angels. Happy birthday”.
We also watched Robin Wright in the role of boss of Gosling and Dave Batista with glasses some old.

Most of the audience liked the fact that the trailer was filled with their many questions and was intrigued even more than before. It seems that the creators were able to capture the atmosphere of Ridley Scott, but brought it to a whole new level, making the film one of the most anticipated this year.

Well, let’s wait for the trailer, and the movie will be released on Russian screens on 5 October 2017.

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