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The trailer and posters of “Valley of the Yeti”

Zone Horror is for you we are digging in the garbage. Because you never know what treasure you can find in the deposits of junk.

Film Director and screenwriter John Portanova “Valley of the Yeti” (Valley of the Sasquatch), to be honest, treasure is not really looks like. It is noteworthy that it was filmed in early 2015, but before the DVD and Blu-Ray will arrive in may 2017. And along the way the movie changed the banner on home video it will be released under the title “Hunting grounds” (Hunting Ground).

On the other hand, the picture left a mark on the genre festivals, and the main role in the movie is played by obladatel “Emmy” and a legend of independent horror bill Oberst ml.. So maybe it’s not so bad.

“Valley of the Sasquatch” is the story of a father and son after a family tragedy forced to move in a forest hut, where faced with a tribe of Sasquatch. The trailer and a couple of posters included.

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