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The trailer and continue fresh promo “the Walking dead” – goodbye, Rick Grimes?

The authors virtually unsinkable (with such disappointing ratings!) the show “the Walking dead” trying to remind the devoted audience that the new season is not far off. From an unusual but fun promotional moves with the official “Monopoly” attributes of the series or the covers of magazines in the world, post-Apocalypse, AMC began to move to the real information about the eighth part of the story about the survival of Rick Grimes and his associates.

As we have already mentioned, the show has added three regular actors, not so long ago appeared the first frame of Carol and Daryl. Fans of geek culture, who visited this past San Diego Comic-Con 2017, waiting for an even more pleasant event – on screens rolled out a fresh trailer for the new season, which promises to focus attention on a lethal confrontation between team Rick and the men are ruthless (and very cool) antagonist Nigana. But the main surprise waited for the audience at the end of the video – there appears already aged the main character, hinting at a possible “rewind” the history of the time that would have gone to her only on advantage or would be a spectacular ending of the series with this epilogue. Intriguing, isn’t it?

And yesterday, the mound of information about the eighth season and replenished promotional staff speak little about the plot, but at least once again emphasizing the protagonists of this zombie Opera. Premiere of the new “the Walking dead” is scheduled for 22 October, and the first episode will be the anniversary series – 100-m account. So, the creators just have to entertain the audience with something exciting.

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