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The tragic fate of the first beauties of the Renaissance. Photo

Трагическая судьба первой красавицы эпохи Возрождения. ФотоThis girl was called a “Witch”.

The fate of Bianca Capello – one of the most mysterious pages in the history of the Renaissance. The heiress of a noble Venetian of the kind in her youth she ran away from home and secretly married the Florentine poor. However, life has made her a much more interesting role: in front of her was the battle for the throne, intrigue, fake pregnancies and even murder. In people Bianca is not without reason called a Witch.

Трагическая судьба первой красавицы эпохи Возрождения. Фото

Bianca Capello – he is a controversial personality. The girl was by nature good, and her beauty drove men crazy. Her first marriage to a Florentine, Pietro Bonaventure, it seemed, had all the chances to break her fate, but did not last long. Bianca drugged first love, eloped with Pietro from home, taking the family jewels. She wanted to enjoy life with the one you love, but instead plunged into the atmosphere of poverty and exhausting daily work. The birth of his daughter only added new troubles in life Bianchi, declared wanted (father Capello had intended to return and their money, and the naughty daughter) were not given the chance to live in peace, and Bianca decided to change everything.

Трагическая судьба первой красавицы эпохи Возрождения. Фото

A happy sign for her was the meeting with the Prince Francesco de ‘ Medici. As the Prince was in the poorest quarter, is still unknown, but what he at first sight fell in love with a charming girl – that’s a fact. Shortly after Francesco’s and Bianca took place and the first meeting: she asked for intercession, the Prince promised her assistance in exchange for affection on her part.

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Трагическая судьба первой красавицы эпохи Возрождения. Фото

Thus began a relationship that gave Bianca luxury and wealth, but deprived of its most expensive – life. Despite the fact that Francesco was married, Bianca was occupied all his thoughts: he is little attention devoted wife, but spent all my time with mistress, bestowed its villas and gardens, and granted her every whim. To rehabilitate Bianca in the eyes of society, Francesco was granted to her husband the highest title, took off his pursuit. However, Bianca soon became a widow, her husband was killed under mysterious circumstances, and Francesco did everything possible to hush up the investigation of the crime.

Трагическая судьба первой красавицы эпохи Возрождения. Фото

Soon he and Francesco became a widower his wife died after giving birth in the eighth pregnancy, leaving the only heir (before that Francesco was the only daughter). According to some versions, was involved in her death were her husband and his mistress. Bianchi finally had hope to become the legal wife of the Prince and claim the throne, and she did not fail to use it. At first it was a secret wedding, then the whole family got high titles, and Francesco was finally able to officially marry Bianca. To keep Francesco, Bianca decided to take a desperate step – to bear him a son. Not being pregnant, she pretended to be such, 9 months led by the nose all at court, and even mimicked childbirth: bribing the doctor took the baby from the pregnant woman-servant who lived in the house. To protect yourself, Bianca ordered the death of the light birth attendants who helped her in “birth”.

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Трагическая судьба первой красавицы эпохи Возрождения. Фото

It seemed that life came to a peaceful course, and Bianca enjoyed the title of Duchess of Tuscany. However, the unexpected happened: for the dinner party with her husband’s brother Ferdinando Bianca and Francesco felt ill and died suddenly. According to scientists, their poisoning has set Ferdinand to ascend the throne. There is a more romanticized version: the alleged poisoning was the work of the hands of Bianchi, she made for dinner a delicious dessert by sprinkling arsenic to regale brother competitor. Ironically eating cake Francesco, and Bianca immediately tasted the deadly Goodies, because its disclosure was inevitable.

Трагическая судьба первой красавицы эпохи Возрождения. Фото

After the death of Bianca and Francesco were buried apart: she in a cheap shroud in the grave for the poor, and he was in the family vault with his first wife.

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