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The Tragedy Of “M. Video”

It would seem – the usual story but how much for her small human dramas !?
In M. Video was replaced by the owner and immediately fell sharply, the quality of customer service.

Many such cases have already occurred on the territory of our “risen from knees” homeland in the beginning “dashing 90”, when a talented and energetic entrepreneur opened their business, investing in it heart and soul , the result of achieving well-deserved success.
After this vigorous boys were taken from him fostered and endured a profitable child and… were turned into ruins.

In the beginning of XXI-th century in place of the raspberry jacket the lads came polite people in grey “with tired but kind eyes”.
However, the basic techniques of “correct” doing business in Russia have not changed.

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Of course, I did not say that switching once a respected and prosperous company M. Video from the brothers Tenkouano to Michael Gutseriev who has owned their competitors — “Eldorado” and “Technosila”[14]. that was the result of a banal “raider capture”.

However, the results of this would be a mutually beneficial transaction, no different from those that were characteristic of the “period of primitive accumulation of capital” and blatant monopolization of the industry, leading to economic violence to consumers.

SO :
02.08.2017 I Timeskew Andrei, without a moment’s hesitation, was pleased to order a piece of kitchen utensils in the shop, whose services are used for many years.
The order issued according to Hoyle and all the tickets sent by e-mail :

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Трагедия "М.Видео"

In the end I got nothing and lost a whole day in suspense, without hot food.

Alas, I did not realize to view Yandex recent reviews of activities of this once decent company, relying on the previous positive experience of purchasing it products.
And in vain.

From the following compilation of screenshots for the honorable readers will be able to see this :

Трагедия "М.Видео"
Трагедия "М.Видео"

Трагедия "М.Видео"

Трагедия "М.Видео"

Трагедия "М.Видео"

Трагедия "М.Видео"

Трагедия "М.Видео"

Трагедия "М.Видео"

Трагедия "М.Видео"

I’m not going to finish this post sacramental maxims and commonplace complaints about the individual, occasionally there are flaws in our happy existence.
After all, they can be very easily resolved if you call on the next “Straight line” with Russian President ! …

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