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The tragedy in Moscow, killing 13-year-old schoolgirl

Трагедия в Москве: погибла 13-летняя школьница The schoolgirl could be in groups of death.

Moscow schoolgirl from a wealthy family fell out of the window of the 22nd floor of a luxury residential complex on Vernadsky Prospekt in the night on Monday.

Police investigate the circumstances of the tragedy.

As it became known, 13-year-old Muscovite fell from his room in the penthouse 02.03 is installed on the surveillance cameras. At this time the house was parents and younger brother, but they were sleeping.

Lying on the pavement behind the machines the lifeless girl with a broken head was found by the guards the LCD, when traversing the territory at 02.30. They called emergency services to the city, and then began to figure out which floor the child fell. To their surprise, it was the last — 22. In the penthouse there lived an extremely wealthy family. The tragedy said the guards, waking residents.

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Mother of seventh — known in Moscow the auditor, the father is a big businessman. Teachers of schools with profound studying of English language, where he studied the dead, not clear motives. Clearly the cause is not a school issue, because I was studying the seventh-grader steadily.

Schoolgirl deleted their page in the social network, so it is possible that we are talking about the so-called groups of death in communities where teenagers incline to the fatal step. Perhaps to clarify the causes of the tragedy will be able friends and parents — they will ask in the near future when they calms down (after the death of the daughter her mother needed medical help).

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