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The traces of a mysterious ancient civilization found in Jordan

Следы загадочной древней цивилизации нашли в ИорданииArchaeologists have discovered thousands of petroglyphs and inscriptions.

In Jordan, the Dutch researchers from Leiden University discovered in the Black desert, thousands of rock carvings and inscriptions which may indicate the existence of an ancient unknown civilization.

Despite the fact that now those lands not suitable for life once in this area there was water, trees, animals and people, whose civilization began to flourish two thousand years ago, scientists say. Then the current inhabitants of Jordan began to make cave paintings and even graffiti using drevnearmyansky sufficiency alphabet. At the moment, scientists have discovered thousands of such images.

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Most hours of the geoglyphs are images of animals such as gazelles and lions, the inscriptions are mostly names of people.

And although scientists have many samples to study, this is not enough since nothing more about the culture of these people and about themselves is unknown. In addition, the relief really changed over two thousand years, making it even harder to study.

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