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The Toyota Prius turned into a “fighting machine”

Toyota Prius превратили в "боевую машину"The most unusual tuning Toyota Prius.

The American company Black Rifle Coffee Company, performed a very unusual tuning Toyota Prius. Hybrid Toyota was turned into a true combat unit that could be a good idea to strengthen the special unit of the national police.

The fact is that on the roof of a Prius has mounted a sextuple aerogun M61 Vulcan 20 mm caliber – the same one that the Terminator was. Its rate of fire is impressive – 6600 rounds per minute!

Of course to install such a formidable weapon needed a special rotating turret, and inside, a roll cage. In addition, there are special hydraulic supply system shells.

The rest is the usual hybrid Toyota Prius of the second generation. Except that the color of the body he is special, Yes the wheels are black.

Toyota Prius превратили в "боевую машину"

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