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The time traveler showed the picture from the future

Путешественница во времени показала фотку из будущегоA woman allegedly visited the 3800 year.

In our world, it seems, has opened some amazing portal: more “time travelers” appear in our dimension and tell about the horrors of the future.

Here’s the new “temporary tourist”, who calls herself Bella, claims that he was able to go to 3800 year.

There is hardly a lot of those who believed in a strange story, but she recorded a video where shows the photo allegedly taken on the streets of the future.

The does not promise anything good to mankind in a thousand years. The photo shows only the black ruins of the former metropolis.

She tells Bella that, going into the future, hoping to see there beautiful places, unique technology and generally a perfect world. But the eyes of the “traveler” opened a very different picture: destroyed buildings, dead people and hundreds of robots around.

The girl suggests that in the future our world will destroy evil robots. One of them she tried to describe, noting that it was “being made in the likeness of a person made of metal, the hands are reminiscent of the silicone, and the facial features of evil.”

Bell also notes that in the future she was able to visit thanks to the kind person who sent it to 3800. However, as he did, the girl says.

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