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The three “safe” products that can poison your body

Названы три "безопасных" продукта, которые могут отравить ваш организмBecame aware of a popular “useful” products that actually cause harm.

We are talking about salted herring, cereal and such delicacy, like caviar. Who would have thought that these three products are fraught with a real danger? In fact, it is so and the doctors told why they should be avoided.


If you are pickled or salted herring yourself, you can eat it without fear for their health. But to buy a ready-made salted herring doctors do not recommend. This is especially true of herring in a plastic box, because the composition of the marinade is usually added preservative “hexamine” or E239, a carcinogen, or hexamethylenetetramine, which when broken down releases formaldehyde and ammonia. Regularly using a “useful” herring, you are putting your health and life in serious danger, so learn to cook fish on their own.

By the way, doctors recommend that people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, several times a week to eat salted herring, but again cooked with his own hands.

Red caviar

This product has always been considered a delicacy and often buy it on holidays in order to decorate a holiday table beautiful canapés. About the benefits of red caviar a few people think, and its harm – and even more so no one suspects.

It turns out that unscrupulous manufacturers who freeze eggs for longer storage period, initially add to it all the same or hexamine E239. And the jar of caviar, if it is fake, you are unlikely to find the harmful preservative “E239” in its composition.

In this regard, experts advise buying caviar only from reliable manufacturers that do not use banned additives in the production of expensive delicacy.

Quick-cooking cereals

This popular product more harmful substances than helpful. Any porridge is good for the digestive system, but when her artificial method “loosen” for fast boiling, and add unnatural preservatives instead of berries and fruits, the porridge becomes quite useful. Plus, the manufacturers do not spare sugar to these cereals, and he, in turn, causes irreparable harm.

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