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The three main reasons why you need to eat bananas

Названы три главные причины, почему нужно есть бананыWhy ripe bananas are useful

We used to think that the appearance of black spots on the banana peel indicate that it perespa and it is not too good to use. But it is not so.

The experts explained that there are at least 3 reasons to eat ripe bananas because they are incredibly beneficial to the body.

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1. Confronts cancer

Scientists have found that ripe bananas have TNF, tumor necrosis factor that destroys cancer cells.

2. Eases heartburn

Bananas are natural antacids, which resist the acidity and help digestion. They are easy to digest and give a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. They also soften the stomach with heartburn.

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3. Regulates blood pressure

To maintain the normal pressure, the blood should be a constant level of potassium. Namely, this will help Mature the bananas are a good source of this trace element. With little sodium, which may cause pressure differences.

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