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The third “skyline” is already in development

The sci-Fi franchise will continue, after all these damned aliens the rest can only dream about.

The first skyline came out in 2010 and was more or less watchable, though not impressed. But last year’s sequel, the audience liked more. As it turned out, the story of an alien invasion is not over: we’ll have at least one more film. And he is already in the early stages of development.

The picture was called “Skylines”. The name of the Director yet to be named, but we know that the Creator of the previous part, Liam O’donnell will serve as screenwriter and producer. In addition, among the producers mark Colin Strauss and Greg Strauss, Directors of the first film, in fact, running this franchise. The case at all.

It is expected that the center of the new film will be the captain rose Corley, which will return Lindsey Morgan (“Hundred”). In the story rose gets alien superpowers and becomes the only person able to defeat the aliens. When the virus threatens to turn friendly alien enemies, rose assembles an elite team of mercenaries to go to an alien world and save our.

Sounds not that very interesting, but can get brisk sci-Fi action. Let’s wait for new details, and while you can check out the debut promo poster for the film market.

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