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The third film of the universe “Cloverfield” delayed again

About the film Zone Horror wrote back in October of 2016, and since release date had changed several times. First we were waiting for premiere in the spring of 2017, then reported to postpone it to the autumn of the same year, then in February 2018. And in a continuation of the tradition in the Network appeared the news about the next shift.

The company Paramount Pictures has officially announced that in the indicated earlier time the third movie in the so-called universe “Cloververse” will not work. His name still appears a work and sounds like “God Particle” (God Particle). We still have no trailer or at least some significant promo, still shrouded in the darkness of secrecy. But there is a synopsis:

Once the group arrived at the space station to replace the old shift and continue exploring the planet. New developments this overall expedition uncovered a theory of the emergence of the so-called God particles in the galaxy and a step closer to unraveling the emergence of life on planet Earth. Created by astronauts on the station, allowing you to accelerate the particles had a complex structure and showed how everything developed. However, should this complex mechanism to prevent the slightest mistake, the accident leads to a global catastrophe.

The film will take its rightful place next to “Cloverfield” and “Cloverfield, 10”; the story starts before the events shown in the first film. But what is the place of “God Particle” is in the schedule of releases? New premiere date: April 20, 2018. This means that the picture will have to do some fighting in theaters with Dwayne Johnson and the huge animals from the movie “Rempeydzh”.

The “God particle” was removed Julius It, J. J. Abrams oversees the project as a producer. In the caste noted David Oyelowo (“interstellar”), Elizabeth Debicki (“Agents of A. N. To.L.”), Daniel brühl (“Race”), a word of Embata-Ro (“Odd Thomas”), Chris O’dowd (“Thor 2: the dark world”) and others. The film’s budget was $ 26 million.

About the Russian premiere is unheard of.

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