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The therapists said that you cannot eat someone with the flu

Терапевты рассказали, что нельзя есть больным гриппомIt turns out that most people do not eat during his illness, and therefore do not recover as quickly as we would like.

Moreover, those products which they usually eat with the flu or another viral infection, not simply have the benefits, which should have been, but also harmful to health. Thus, the treatment process is delayed from the flu, develop complications and he or she needs to take a course of antibiotics, because conventional antiviral drugs in cases with complications almost powerless.

Therapists explained how to feed sick with flu:

The hot milk. Many did not know, but milk proteins inhibit the process of elimination from the body grupowego human pathogens. But at the same time, the hot milk has a positive effect on a sore throat. Doctors recommend the flu hot milk with various additives to drink after recovery, and a cold or hypothermia is possible to use it as a medicine for the throat.

Sweets. Flour, cakes, pastries and other desserts act as a thickening agent for mucus accumulated in the respiratory tract, and it is fraught with complications – bronchitis, pneumonia and so on.

Raspberry jam. This well-known and favorite a product used as a remedy against cold and flu, can harm the sick person. All because raspberry thins the blood, and some antiviral drugs, and this can lead to internal bleeding.

If signs of flu, any sane person will call the local doctor on the house, that he and you can ask how to eat during illness.

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