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The theater of the absurd

Театр абсурда

The whole country is discussing the reaction of the head of Regardie Viktor Zolotov on the investigation of the food supplies Department, administrative detainees held by the politician Alexey Navalny and his Foundation.

Recall that the main “guard Russia” after learning about the report, FBK, posted on the website of Regardie a video message to the main opposition leader, calling him out and promising to do the Bulk of the “juicy steak”.

The results of its investigation of the Fund of struggle against corruption, founded by Alexei Navalny published in August.

The report was discussed about what food products Regardie buys from a single supplier, which, in turn, may have a connection with the head of the Russian government Dmitry Medvedev. Army General Viktor Zolotov is angry so much that he could not stand and wrote a message to the opposition, accusing the opposition of defamation.

The tone of the monologue, and then call Navalny to a duel was such that in the memory of the journalist of the newspaper “Vedomosti” involuntarily surfaced lines from literary classics, namely Lermontov’s poem “the song of the merchant Kalashnikov”, there’s just the deceived husband wanted to avenge the outraged honour of the wife in a fair fist fight. In the case of General treatment, the tone was similar, only give the offender deserved the General promised for “insulting calumnies”.

It is worth noting that Viktor Zolotov is a native of the ninth Directorate of the KGB, based on which then created a security Service. If you compare the activity of this structure with the fifth control, which is fought with ideological saboteurs, or fourth, engaged in anti-Soviet confrontation, the guards can be called “vegetarians” from the Committee. The staff of nine providing protection of important persons, besides proficiency in unarmed combat, survival skills and stealth, had to be able to sing, and the guitar too, time to screw the sharpness and overall responsible for favorable mood of a client, participating in various entertainment such as hunting, fishing and other similar activities. To political confrontations, to the ideological struggles against the class enemies, to rebuff presumptuous detractors of the guards in the KGB didn’t cook.

When viewing a video message Zolotova to Bulk recall and creativity of the legendary Liverpool Quartet The Beatles, by the way, who was the group, by Soviet standards, ideologically undisciplined. So there is a Beatles song When I’m Sixty-Four, written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon. The authors, who then was still very young, has suggested how a person feels, who has lived on earth 64 years. That is how much now the head of Regardie Viktor Zolotov. In the text of the lyrical hero as if drawn to an old lover asking if she’s still supportive, whether to cook, do not leave, slamming the door behind him? In return, he promises to help around the house and farm.

Video General it reminds me of this song. It would seem that man occupies such a position has enormous authority and power, but in his voice a sense of excitement and tension, the tone inconsistent, and the prisoner required some reciprocity.

Very strongly felt that Zolotov is not like the situation in which he himself by this entry and put, and anti-corruption objections sound like a crumpled, all because the head of Regardie need to get from the opposition is a simple answer to a simple question.

It seems the warden wants to be an elephant from Krylov’s fable, who did not notice that he was barking Pug, and Zolotov seems the way Navalny and his corruption charges, but allegedly unflappable “elephant” causes “Pug” to a duel – indeed, but how the word “absurdity” of what is happening can not be called.

Watching that says General Zolotov, there is a distinct feeling that the publicity – not his strong point. So, at this step he was pushed only to extreme necessity. The question remains, who created the conditions of this emergency.

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