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The Tesla learn how to travel to service centers

Электромобили Tesla научатся сами ездить в сервисные центрыTop Manager mark spoke about extending the functionality of the autopilot electric cars.

Electric cars Tesla in the near future learn how to go to service centers. This follows from the interview of the head of the German division of the brand Jochen Rudat edition of Manager Magazin.

“Our [service] infrastructure grows in accordance with the needs of customers. We will double the sales of Tesla [the German market] and the number of service centers to 26 by the end of this year. We are also more than two times will increase the number of employees. In addition, our cars need a lot less visits to the service relative to its competitors. Software updates in many cases, replaces a trip to the service, — said a top Manager. And I think that will be possible when Tesla models will soon be fully Autonomous. They will themselves deliver the service centers.”

Additional details Rudat not disclosed. Is there really the leadership of the “Tesla” plans to launch a similar feature in the autopilot system or a top Manager just made the assumption — not entirely clear.

Today, Tesla offers autopilot for both current models: hatchback Model S and the crossover Model X. In 2016, the company announced improved system using eight cameras, 12 updated ultrasonic sensors modified with radar and computer, exceeding the performance of the previous version by 40 times. For the upcoming “budget” electric vehicle Model3 will also be available to the autopilot.

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