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The Territory Of The Chupacabra. Why I have to laugh with this trailer?

Yeah, about the Chupacabra took another movie, and why not? But watch this trailer and tell me: are they seriously trying to create a creepy mocumentary or just decided to parody “the Blair Witch” for the lulz? In short, it is “the territory of the Chupacabra”. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

By the way, if suddenly who did not hear about this monster, I will explain: Chupacabra — a creature unknown to science but well known to fans of urban legends. Most often it is described as a four-footed animal that resembles either a dog, or a coyote with fangs and a pig’s face. In addition, according to taste, you can add external features of a bat or even a kangaroo. But the most important thing is drinking blood. Particularly likes to squeeze dry goats, but in the absence of cloven-hoofed animals can and tourists to eat somewhere in the rainforest. The first stories about this beast went in the 1950s in Puerto Rico, but over the years the habitat Chupacabra captured all the countries of Latin America and jumped on US. Maybe we have already found? I have not watched Ren-TV, so you can’t be sure. You can, incidentally, check out vinrar compilation VIDOS about the Chupacabra from Internet. All videos are real, infa 146%.

But back to the movie. Synopsis he has the following:

Four friends travel to Painfully the woods to find evidence of the existence of Chupacabra, an ancient beast, which is believed responsible for the disappearance of four experienced travelers, the company informed. However, climbing deep in the woods, the characters find more than they hoped to find. There really is something living, something that tries to kill them. One by one they are pursuing, and catching, their lives hang in the balance. Will they be able to escape?

Terrible story, Yes? That’s just the trailer personally calling me inappropriately loud laughter. It seemed that the actors just goofing around, pretending to like someone enough in the dark. It’s so bad that even fun. By the way, in treshak played by such actors as Sarah Nicklin and Michael reed. Both at the time worked with a fan of cheap, but abundantly watered with the blood films, the Director Todd Sitcom, about which we just yesterday remembered. The Creator of our film is an absolute beginner movie — Matt McWilliams.

Anyway, “the territory of the Chupacabra”, presented to the public in the US and UK last year, April 11, will be available on Blu-ray, DVD and services like video on demand. I think it should be fun.

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