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The teleporting technology already developed, said U.S. General

The beaming technology is already developed and soon we will be able to travel everywhere, like lightning, has announced a senior military Steven Kwast (Steven Kwast). But it threatens with dangers for mankind.

Технология телепортации уже разработана, проговорился генерал США

During the lecture, Stephen Quast became clear that the military together with its industrial partners, has developed a completely new technology. With it may forever change the life of mankind.


Kwast made a rather unexpected announcement during a speech at Hillsdale College (Hillsdale College). He stated that currently in the United States is a revolutionary technology that can easily make all of the existing space completely obsolete.

Who is Steven Kwast?

Lieutenant General Kwast recently was the commander of the air education and training command (AETC) at joint base San Antonio (JBSA), but in August retired. According to some reports, Kwast was released early from his duties in JBSA. He was blacklisted for promotion after statements on questions related to space. Kwast himself refused to comment on the situation and resigned on 1 September 2019.

In recent years, Kwast has published several articles about what the American military should play a greater role in space to ensure American economic leadership.

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Recently, Lieutenant-General Kwast points to the rapidly growing military and technological achievements of China. He sees this as the reason why the United States must invest heavily in new space technologies.

The technology of teleportation and other new developments

20 Nov 2019, Lieutenant-General Kwast gave a lecture at Hillsdale College in Washington, entitled “Urgent need for space forces of the United States”.

There is revealed the news about secret development. Kwast said that the United States can create technology which “can deliver any person from any point on Earth to any other place in less than an hour.”

According to the military, he worked for 33 years with scientists who have developed this incredible technology. Steven Kwast added that in fact this development already exists. And it’s not a theory. Soon people will be able to travel literally every hour to every corner of the planet, not making absolutely no effort.

Also, according to the military, has developed a technology to connect to the Internet from space ( no cell towers) and smartphones. These technologies can be applied to cars and smart homes. Kwast mentioned in his speech the development of Tesla and Edison.

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According to Lieutenant-General, who will own these breakthrough technologies will be able to take over the world (world domination). And it can make even a small island country, like New Zealand.

Prospects of development of the technology of teleportation and other

Regardless, when there will be revolutionary aerospace technologies mentioned Kwast, the situation changes dramatically. It is obvious that many in the military and analytic community in the USA believe that there is a great need to increase investment in us space technology and the U.S. military presence in space.

All this sets the stage for a new space race, which may contribute to the development of science and technology. And maybe to open conditions for the first great cosmic war? Only time will show the development trend. However, according to Quast, the technology needed to win this war, more scientific fact than fiction.


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