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The Tasmanian devil found a plot of genes that reduce tumors

У тасманских дьяволов нашли участок генов, способствующий сокращению опухолейThe animals began to adapt to the disease, which threatens the survival of the species.

The facial tumor of the Tasmanian devil – a disease that was first detected in 1996. It is deadly in almost 100% of cases and at the moment led to an 80% reduction in the animal population.

A year ago, Australian scientists have noticed that part of the tagged animals with facial tumor died, and went to the amendment, and the tumor became smaller. In the new study, researchers sequenced the genomes of seven Tasmanian devils with resistance to cancer and three normal cases. They found three distinctive region in the DNA recovered animals that are associated with the immune response of the body.

“We have identified some genes-candidates who, in our opinion, associated with the regression of cancer. Now we will start the functional tests of these genes to understand whether it is possible to artificially induce the same response. While it is difficult to say anything definite with such a small sample, but these data can help to create the basis for genetic resistance to tumors,” said one of the study’s authors mark Marges.

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