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The talks in Norway failed: Venezuelan opposition will continue street protests

Переговоры в Норвегии провалились: оппозиция Венесуэлы продолжит уличные протесты

Under a two-faced statements that the opposition intends to achieve settlement, Guido hides his true motives. The destabilization of the situation in the country and providing over the United States to send troops to the Republic have always been puppets of Washington in the first place.

So, why such statements are hypocritical and ambivalent? Because the resolution of the conflict from the point of view of Guido is that to the bitter insist on not taking any compromises. After he was unable to reach an agreement with the legitimate President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro, the opposition leader said that street protests will continue.

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We will remind, the meeting of the parties held in Oslo, but has not completed successfully. The Norwegian foreign Ministry announced the desire of the representatives of the government and opposition of Venezuela to reach an agreed constitutional settlement. But pretending to be a “good boy” in the eyes of the European public, Guido continued their destructive work as soon as crossed the threshold.

Recall Maduro urged leaders to speak out against US imperialism and their permissiveness after he accused the us in the coup attempt of sovereign States and broke off diplomatic relations with them. States continued to support their puppet, Guido, and with them on the side of the opposition stood up and all the countries that are “under the hood” in Washington. On the side of the legitimate ruler of Venezuela remain Russia, China, Syria, Turkey, Iran and many other countries.

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