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The system is not able to work with the discipline and order

Система не умеет работать при дисциплине и порядке

An electronic concentration camp turned out to be an electronic mess. Another proof that we live without stato, in a stateless system. The time came when, indeed, at least some of the powers should go “mobilization of the party” (“party service”). But it turned out that it either does not exist or is finally pushed to the margins of the System.

It was also revealed once again that the basis of the System — PR-ocracy, supplemented by spot repression (for the development of “herd-censorship” in the population). Today when switched on the basis of “regular state”, and then everything happened at once — the System is not able to work with discipline and order. It turned out that we actually live under libertarianism, collectively, the “private shops” officials, United only by greed.

Dread to think what would have happened to Russia, start a war.

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