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The sun would destroy all life on our planet – scientists

Солнце может уничтожить все живое на нашей планете, – ученыеThe researchers said, when it can be destroyed all life on Earth.

Professor the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium Leen Decin told that the Sun would destroy all life on Earth in five billion years when it becomes a red giant.

About it reports a press-service of the University.

“Five billion years, the sun will become a red giant, more than a hundred times more than its current size,” she said. According to Professor, Earth’s fate remains uncertain. As you know, in the course of their evolution, stars undergo different stages of development (yellow dwarf, subgiant, red giant and white dwarf). An international team of astronomers studied the star L2 Puppis, which is located in 208 light years from Earth. Five billion years ago a star was almost a perfect twin of the sun. Now her age is 10 billion years.

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According to researchers, the same changes can happen with the Sun. In this case, mercury and Venus will be absorbed. “We have found that the Sun becomes bigger and brighter, which will likely be wiped out every life form on our planet. But survive is the core of the planet and whether it is still in orbit..?”,— says Decin

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L2 Puppis is one of the closest to Earth of the red giants. Scientists were able to detect an object orbiting it at a distance of 300 million kilometres, in all probability it was a planet. The researchers hope that the study of these objects will help them to answer the question “will survive the Earth” in the distant future.

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