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The Sun revealed a double killer

У Солнца обнаружился двойник-убийцаAstronomers have discovered a real “death star”.

In sci-Fi movies are often encountered villains who can destroy planets and entire Galaxies.

But in real life something like that is possible, albeit on a smaller scale, and without malice. Researchers from Chicago have discovered a “predatory” star, at the time absorbed, at least one planet.

This star is relatively close to us. Only 300 light years – by the standards of the cosmos is miniscule distance. And the physical characteristics of the star HIP68468 is quite much like the Sun. The age of the star is correlated with the age of the Sun, and in addition, both lights are to the spectral class G.

Studying the structure HIP68468, scientists drew attention to the extreme closeness of the stars to the orbits of two major planets. The distance of these planets to the star is much smaller than the distance between the Sun and the closest planet, mercury.

Further study allowed to detect in the composition HIP68468 elements, presumably planetary composition. The stars may not be a large number of refractory metals and lithium, although the composition HIP68468 these elements were abundant. And since refractory metals and lithium is characteristic for solid terrestrial planets, scientists have made an assumption about the absorption of the star was too close to planets.

While scientists see no danger of repetition of such “criminal” actions on the part of the Sun. In any case, if our star and will be someone to attack, the first victims will be mercury and Venus. So we have still time to spare.

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